The Mythos Known

January 3, 1890

At the home of trusted friend, a collegue of Richard Rathbone, Dr. Somerfield (who is also going back to Egypt to his dig at Tel el Amarna), Archimedes meets with some of the men who are now his Chosen Men. Here are Rick Rathbone and Fritz Goldstein, Paul and the Boys, Percy and his crew, and the Westinghouse Detective Agency from New York City. Also present is Wang Dong, father of Theolonius Wang of the Agency.
Brown, a high ranking member in the Iluminati, explains his recent disagreement with them. Archimedes insists something major is going on in our time, right now, and the Iluminati does not see it as he does. He warns us of the horrors he must unleash upon our awareness, and states that his disagreement is more than what is known by the common members.
They think it is just a typical spike in fluctuation. Archie thinks there is much more to it. We are headed for a huge problem; rises in supernatural and cult activity are much more than just a normal fluctuation. Something big on the horizon, and he begins to explain what he calls “THE MYTHOS”, beings which the Iluminati do not think to be real, but Archimedes thinks he has uncovered the terrible truth of their existence after years of comparative research. Many cults seek to unleash one or perhaps more of these creatures/beings upon us. Here he gives an overview of the Mythos of The Great Old Ones as he understands. They do not necessarily work together and may even be at odds at times. Even The Red Death may not be what the Iluminati believes it to be, but an aspect of one of the beings of the Mythos:

“Many gods of man through the ages are corruptions of actual supreme beings which are unknown to all but a few. Some have heard these names before and fought their cults, not realizing the profane truth behind them. Thinking instead they were corruptions of old false gods or simply odd and rare myths. But, these being I believe to be real, and we humans are less than ants to these things. Together they are referred to by us as the Mythos. He warns that our knowledge, “all I am about to tell you, is but a feeble attempt at human understanding”. Our interpretation of only our best guess, a fumbling understanding but missing the real maddening truths. You’ll find much confusion and contradiction as you trod the path against them, more and more as you go. We could never comprehend the whole. Think of it as an anti-mythology to destroy all earthly religion and leave insanity and chaos. The cosmos around us exists to exist, no god, no afterlife.
Summerfield says “All this rubbish, tut tut” firmly on the side of Christianities view of the world.
“Cultists also whisper of ‘the crawling chaos’ and we all know of The Red Death. Whether these are separate from Mythos or corruptions of them is unknown for certain. We do ‘know’:
Somewhere in space and time, concept of creation so dense it exists as a thing: the 3 Outer Gods. Not personalities or anthropomorphic, but urges existing in multiple dimensions.”
Rick says he has seen evidence, though partial and minimal, of 3 gods worshipped by oldest religions in Mesopotamia and Egypt named Azathoth, Shub ‘Nigguroth and Yog ‘Sothoth
Archimedes says “Precisely, those are the Outer Gods".

  • Azathoth= chaos incarnate, void at the heart of reality, entropy (from old age to cancer…)
  • Shub ‘Niggurath= life itselt, origin of all, urges of life (sex), fertility principles. Azathoth and her are opposites but complements. Together they couple as the of life/death.
  • Yog ‘Sothoth= most often worshipped by cultists out of 3. Time itself, gives other 2 time. W/o time life and death are meaningless-oblivion. Before big bang=oblivion.

These Outer Gods have a messenger named Nyarlathotep, he of a thousand faces. Trickster, can grant great gifts. It is unknown if he is an Outer God or something else that can somehow commune with them. Fortunately, these creatures are trapped in another dimension. As the stars move they align and create strong and weak points in the fabric of space and time which holds them, called The Veil. I believe our present day to be a tremendous weak point.”
Rick: the perfect time for cults to call forth their patrons.
“Yes, but there is more. There are false gods called the Great Old Ones. They are definite living and tangible beings. Monsters if you will. Some trapped on earth, others banished across stars just when the Outer Gods vanished. Why and how is unknown. The Jesuits say a shift happened when God stepped into our universe and then closed final door via Christ.
Examples of Great Old Ones =
Cthulu and Hastur the King in Yellow. The Mountains of Madness in Antarctica are theirs. Cthulhu rests on the island of R’lyeh…dreaming. He may be greatest of the Great Old Ones. Fish-like humanoids called Deep Ones worship him. Hastur the Unspeakable is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. He is like corruption itself, and resides in the city of Carchosa on a planet circling the star Betelgeuse.

  • Nodens = cosmic hunter and ally of humanity, some say was once a human
  • Yig = forerunner of Set. Race of snakes and serpents can disguise themselves as human. They are venomous.Many more….”

Archimedes gives Rick a map to the so-called Gorge of Osiris as he and Fritz’s first official mission, and informs him that his expedition is almost completely funded from this end in Rick’s name, he just need to gather his expedition and finish some loose ends then be off to Egypt. The Gorge lies west of Luxor and Thebes, close to an oasis in the desert. The story goes that a group of Berbers from Cullowandi had came upon and ridden into the gorge. At the end of a long ravine with two forks, they found, hidden high on a ledge, a tomb. The name on the tomb was “Rehotep”. (Rick says it is perhaps the Rehotep from the Middle Kingdom who was a vizier to the Pharaoh.) They were attacked by a violent group of cultists, as they characterized them, and only a handful escaped to head home. All but two cousins died on the trek out. But, they have the name of the nearby oasis.

Here, Archimedes says his evidence of the Mythos elsewhere in the solar system is sparse, though it must be there, since he has never been. Yet his signs say Percy will be important. Percy then has Covington show Archimedes the statue from Luna as well as the scrollcase from Egypt with the Martian glyphs. Archimedes calls Rick and Paul over to examine them in silent detail for some time. Archie ID’s the statue as certainly Cthulhu himself; Rick certifies the scrollcase as earthly make, and ancient Egyptian script on the outside. Archie says the scrollcase fragment from Africa is indeed Martian writing on the inside, at which Archie’s eyes widen. “This is the evidence that has eluded me, the first material proof I have seen. There are cults elsewhere in the solar system! Certainly there was communication between ancient Mars and ancient Egypt.” Archie “You must go there, you must go to Mars!” At this, Percy and Covington are engulfed with excitement! It was there next voyage anyway.
Sam “Have you heard of this Scroll of Anubis before?” Archie has heard reference to it, but not something to be talked of in the light of day.

Other discussions:
-Somerfield explains how he has uncovered the existence of a tomb of a forgotten pharaoh, Akhenaten, and many formerly lost legends surrounding him.
-They discuss something amiss about a dynasty of Old Kingdom Egypt. Same name of ‘Dark Pharaoh’ appears as title of the rulers but no official record of rule changing hands for centuries. Most simply feel it is successive pharaohs using the same moniker as symbolism. but some few think it to possibly be one supernaturally long lived man/being. Archimedes has some thoughts that he/it may be linked to the Mythos somehow, and Rick and Fritz should keep it in mind.
-Found evidence of a cult of ‘The Disciples’ worshipping Menhotep IV to stop some sort of evil from coming through ‘The Veil’. Rick says he would like to research this further himself.
-Mansauce uncovered a cult in Middle East some time back that worshipped a ‘Dark Pharaoh’. Tradition is that he was defeated and ‘became one’ with Amun himself. Is this just a euphamism for his death or something more terribly literal?
-Rick says he will go to Egypt with Somerfield as he may need some assistance with this tomb of Akhenaten and it’s Dark Pharaoh business, if Somerfield will have him, and will wire his contact and the money there. By the time they arrive the expedition should be ready. He mentions that the being Nyarlethotep does have an obviously Egyptian name, there must be a reason. Perhaps that being or Yig has some stake in Egypt. Somerfield says “Of course, if you think you have the time to dilly dally a little. I was going to ask it of you anyway, to be truthful old boy.”
Rick and Fritz plan their expedition, literally, in 15 minutes on the back of an envelope as the others mingle, gloom on their minds.

Archimides tells the groups of the Washington Gang in the west working towards the same ends he asks of us.

The Investigators bring all information so far about the Baron H conspiracy, promising to forward any other information they come across.


Rathbone most impressed by:
Wilhelm, because of his knowledge, studiousness, brain.
Red Cloud, from Richard’s soft spot for savages on the side of good.
Schuyler, for his common interest in exotic locales and difficult excursions.
Jeremy, his knack for mimicry and language accents and dialects.
Jack Burton, his comically overconfident attitude toward everything.
(other than Percy and Westinghouse, whom he already knows and respects greatly)

The Mythos Known

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