The Adventurer's Club

Based in: London
Requisitioning equipment
The Adventurer’s Club is a social, scientific and professional network of individuals from many professions and walks of life, and all over the world. All whose philosophy is in large part concerned with ‘simply for the adventure of it all’. As Rick Rathbone once said as the keynote speaker to kick things off on Christmas Eve, 1888: “It’s not simply about the discoveries and accolades for men such as us. It’s the enjoyment of the journey and the hardship, just for the pleasure of it; the excitement we feel when surrounded by danger when most run or cower; the personal rewards of spirit and bonds of friendship which are forged. In us is the spirit of great explorers of ages past. We do simply because it’s there to be done.”

The club offers social networking within and outside of one’s profession, a wider breadth of professional contacts, and often provides supplemental funding for it’s members ventures, as do many of the more wealthy individuals.

The Club holds a large annual gala at the end of every year, usually on Christmas Eve.

They are represented in the campaign by Lord Percy and Professor Covington, Mansauce, James Schuyler, and Rick and Fritz, Spalding.

The Adventurer's Club

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