Cpt. Tom Spalding, when asked about Lord Percy and Rick Rathbone
by Thomas Wilberforce:
“I knew you would ask about those 2 fellows. Let me tell you this: When one of those 2 are at a function for the Adventurer’s Club, each person there knows a larger sense of grandeur than they is present. When they are both in attendance, it is something different altogether. It is as Titans among men. When they shake hands, an almost tangible reverberation of greatness pulses through the room (I experienced this myself first hand) and everyone instinctively knows that something epic just occurred.”

Major Mortimer Feather and Professor Thadeus Tarr, responding to the subject of their going to warn Rathbone and Goldstein of the Gorge of Osiris’ dangers. Interview by Thomas Wilberforce.
Tarr “Some little time after they left, I heard from a mutual friend of Rathbone’s within the Iluminati concerning why he and Fritz had really gone to Africa; not just to help Prof. Somerfield at Amarna. After some research on the subject I felt they were in great danger, and the need to rush and warn them of what they may have been getting into. As if we were going to save them. When we found them, I actually said to them ’I think you may have bitten off more than you can chew, men” (shaking his head).
Feather “And we went to save them, we did. Thought they were in over their heads! Ha, ahaha, hahaha Mr. Wilberforce, I don’t think there is a danger from this world or any other which would put Richard and Fritz in over their heads. Now, I have no doubt that we provided some assistance, of course, but we were of no necessity to them. No necessity at all.”

Mansauce, on his brief time with Jake against a Wendigo:
Believe me, I ws concerned at first having red the adventures of the Mad Dog Kelly Gang…but Jacob and Michael were very personable once my bowler hat was gone…and my watch. I say, a rollicking good time was had during the whole wendigo affair. I learned then not to truly get on the wrong end of their tempers…on second thought, maybe I won’t ask them for my watch back.

Old Will, asked about his loyalty to Percy, responded:
Of course I’m a Finian. Up the Republic! But Jesus and Mother Mary sent Percy and his men to save me, so as long as they breathe the war is off; and when death does come for them those English bastards will pummel the old man, take his scythe and horse, and keep forward throwing those blasted water balloons as they laugh all the way back to Buckingham Palace.

WIlberforce on Percy’s and Rathbone’s groups:
“Those aether travelers of Lord Percy, its like the universe is on their side. They are so brazen, even idiotic at times. Some of them often go into deadly combat brandishing only their bare fists. By choice! Yet somehow, someway, they stumble into victory via sheer bravado and the charisma of their leader. If the universe ever decides against them, though, they could be done for. Rathbone’s explorers, on the other hand, are victorious through sheer skill against any obstacle. If the universe is ever against them, one has the feeling they will just defeat the universe.”

Covington on Gerald’s abilities as a Pilot:
“Gerald doesn’t so much fail at times, as succeed slightly less.”

Grant on Percy and his crew:
“After seeing them in action, I quickly thought them to be brash, completely lacking in forethought, downright reckless, and utter fools. Now I know them to be confident, capable, intelligent men of action. And downright reckless and utter fools.”


It is a bio-engineered wood infused with an organic-metal, previously unknown type of iron. It is hyper-sensitive to planetary magnetism so that one can build a ship out of the wood and fly on the electromagnetism. It degrades like metals, especially in moist environments. So, while it lasts 10 or so years on Mars after being cut down, it lasts about half that on earth. On Venus, it degrades even faster than calculations show for an unknown reason.
The alignment of the hull sections on the ship work with the magnetic field to easily supply more or less lift as you change the alignment of manipulating planks.

The Faceless Man

Supposedly better referenced in a rumored but never found version of the Necronomicon.
One school of thought: Prepares way for something else. Believed more by Christianity (opened way for Satan, like an evil John the Baptist).

Jake’s wife

Jake’s wife was killed by a monster, oner hunted by a Ranger leading up to the killing. Joining forces they sought and battle it, Mad Dog joining them without reservation at Jake’s request. Jake saved the ranger’s life in the fight. The ranger’s relationship with Liaison to the President led to pardons (and possible assistance during the campaign) for the Outlaws from Texas Rangers.
The current President of Texas is named John Reed.


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