Integrated Timeline


Date Outlaws Explorers Monster Hunters Aether Travelers Investigators
Dec 24, 1889 The Granch Adventurer’s Club Meeting, London Adv. Club Adv. Club
Dec 27 Meet Billy;arr. Uriel
Jan 3,1890 Meeting w/Archie Meeting w/Archie Meeting w/Archie Meeting w/Archie
Jan 6 Smythe trial,London;meet Canal Priests
Jan 7 Prof. Smith Lecture, London
Jan 10 Board Hesperia for Alexandria
Jan 11 We board Ghost Train
Jan 14 Depart for Mars
Jan 15 Elias Crime Scene
Jan 16 Leave Uriel for NM
Jan 19 Arrive Coppertown
Jan 20 Assault on Juju
Jan 23 Arrive Alexandria
Jan 24 Cairo Cantwell Party,London
Jan 26 Save Queen under Channel
Jan 27 Depart upriver for Tel el Amarna Arrive Calais,Express to Paris
Jan 31 Arrive Tel el Amarna
Feb 4 Flee Amarna for Thebes late in day Lamond kidnapping case ends
Feb 6 Hypnosis of Joe Corry
Feb 9 Arrive late after nightfall at Thebes
Feb 10 Board Orient Express for Lausanna
Feb 11 Rick et al follow Fritz/Mundabi trail toward Tomb of Khmet Arrive Lausanna early morning Raid on Fu Sung Ling’s HQ
Feb 12 Lv Lausanne on OE early;arr. Milan around lunch
Feb 13 Arrive Khmet’s tomb
Feb 14 Rick and co. lv for Temple of Set Board OE late for Venice
Feb 15 Caravan reaches Khmet’s tomb, Fritz and co. leave for Temple; Rick arr. temple Set Begin our work in Venice
Feb 16 Fritz and company arr. Temple of Set
Feb 17 vs Bishop at Baxter’s
Feb 18 Mardis Gras Day
Feb 19 Depart for and arrive at Trieste
Feb 20 Caravan lv. for Aartuat
Feb 22 Arr. Clayton Ranch
Feb 25 Gate to Counter Earth Arr. Aartuat
Feb 27 Depart on OE from Trieste, night; Dreamland
Feb 28 lv. for Gorge Arr. Belgrade
Mar 2 Arr. Shub Nig. village
Mar 10 Arr. Constantinople
Mar 12 battle for the town
Mar 14 Entire caravan at Gorge Crash land Mars
Mar 16 Depart Constantinople Arr. Parhoon
Mar 18 Arr. Clayton ranch;McConnell eliminated
Mar 19 Wang/Canary to NYC Calais, cleansing ritual
Mar 25 depart for Gaaryan
Mar 28 Bidwell party
Mar 31 w/Lo Ping @ House of the Yellow Dragon 3 lv. for London
Apr 2 Arr. Sigeus Portis
Apr 3 3 arr. London
Apr 4 3 lv. for California
Apr 7 Arr. Cannich
Apr 8 Waiting for Inv., CA lv. for earthquake epicenter 3 arr. California
Apr 10 church attack/rescue baby in caves
Apr 12 arr. Inverness, Kraken investigation
Apr 13 Ark in our possession Scotland: Ark in our possession
Apr 14 arr. buried spire
Apr 17 night ft. vs vamp, LA; w/ Inv. LA: night ft. vs vamp w/ Outlaws
Apr 18 drive off Glaaki
Apr 21 NY 3 arr. home from London
Apr 21 Jake/Billy/Jesse lv. for El Dorado Return to Sigeus Portus
Apr 24 LA 3 arr. New Orleans
Apr 30 Main caravan leaves for Thebes
May 2 Jake/Jesse/Billy return from TX 2 arr. NY from New Orleans
May 5 Grimm Ritual Simon out of Hospital
May 6 Arrive London Lv. Sigeus Portus
May 12 Entire expedition at Thebes
May 14 Arr. Stetson, meet Jimmy
May 15 Will arr. from Chicago
May 17 Arr. Sanderson, TX
May 19 Arr. Garyaan
May 20 Entire Gang at Privilegio Arrive Cairo
May 23 bandito’s att. Privilegio Resistance Ends
May 26 Rick arr. London
May 28 West/Atw arr. London
May 29 Prime Minister missing Prime Minister missing Prime Minister missing
June 2 planning in Riverside
June 5 Lesser-edale group arr. destination Lesser-edale group arr. destination
June 6 Anne in Chicago obelisk arsenist caught obelisk arsenist caught obelisk arsenist caught
June 8 creature in the fog, London creature in the fog, London creature in the fog, London
June 9 Will in San Fran
June 10
June 14 Frisco group return Riverside
June 15
June 17 New Moon, Gavigan’s New Moon, Gavigan’s New Moon, Gavigan’s
June 28 Houdine invest. Houdini Inv, London
July 12 Arr. Chihuahua
July 15 Arr. San Antonio
July 17 Into Sierra Madres
July 20 Arr. 1st Temple
July 25 Ride for Churiba
July 28 Churiba dies West/Atw return from London
Aug 16 Return, Promise City
Aug 21 Arr. Sirtus Major
Sept 3 Arr. Windy Pt. Mining Camp
Sept 5 Windy Pt. threat eliminated
Sept 8 For Love or Duty Invest. begins
Sept 10 Arr. Hong Kong Arr. Hong Kong
Sept 14 Lv. for Karkarham
Sept 17 Arr. Shanghai Arr. Shanghai
Sept 19 Arr. New Orleans Arr. Karkarham
Sept 25 Arr. Legendre’s village
Sept 29 Zombie Lord destroyed
Oct 3 Ritual at Sword krewe party
Oct 4 Gray Dragon Island attack Gray Dragon Island attack
Oct 10 depart for Australia depart for Australia
Oct 11 Arr. Fort Dickerson
Oct 16 Arrive, Darwin Arrive, Darwin
Oct 19 Lv. Fort
Oct 20 Leave for Port Headland Leave for Port Headland
Oct 22 Arrive Port Headland Arr. Port headland
Oct 25 train to and arrive, Cuncudgerie train to, arr., Cuncudgerie
Oct 30 depart for lost city depart for lost city
Nov 10 Stranded in Desert
Nov 15 Arr. Thoth
Nov 18 arr. lost city arr. lost city
Nov 21 victory in the dome victory in the dome
Nov 27 Thanksgiving at Claytons
Dec 15 arr. Port Hedlant arr. Port Hedland
Dec 16 depart for Egypt
Dec 21 Astronomers Xmas party
Dec 22 Lv. for London
Dec 25 Xmas at Claytons Arr. Meepsor
Dec 31 Arr. Egypt


Date Outlaws Explorers Monster Hunters Aether Travelers Investigators
Jan 5 Senate Hearing Invest
Jan 9 Arr. Promise City Under the Sphinx
Jan 10 Nitocris destroyed
Jan 23 Arr. Mombasa
Jan 25 Arr. England
Jan 28 Arr. Nairobi
Feb 2 Tongue cult crushed, Nairobi
Feb 11 Battle at the Black Wind
Feb 13 Lv for Hauptman

Bif leaves England early April

By mid August, Aether Pressure theory info has reached Grant and Covington on Mars along with physical specs from Atwater for the damaged hand of one Canary in case we can make a mechanical hand to replace his permanently damaged one.

Integrated Timeline

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