Elder sign derlethBeing a retelling of the primary events in the Occult War of 1890 – 1900, based on the recollections of the survivors. With particular emphasis on the destruction of the Cthulhu Cults, the elimination of the Hosts of Nyarlethotep, and the battle for the Gates of the Great Old Ones. With many singular details regarding many well known events such as the truth behind the Starkweather-Moore Expedition to Antarctica and the ill-fated Carlyle Expedition to Africa, the real story regarding the tragic events on the Orient Express, the assault on the City of Lost Angels, the destruction of the Devil’s Tower, and the discovery of the Gorge of Osiris and the Tomb of Rehotep. With heretofore little known incidents such as the case of the Giant Rat of Sumatra, the opening of the Star Gates of the Outer Gods, and the Martian adventures of our intrepid crew. Containing thrilling details regarding mysterious cults, secret societies, mummies in Africa, zombies in New York, vampires in Transylvania, undead in the American west, and monsters on Mars and Venus.
With commentary by Dr. Thomas Sean Wilberforce, PhD. Author of:

This campaign begins in 1889, the Victorian Era, in an alternate universe that is an amalgam of ideas and concepts from Space 1889, Call of
Cthulhu, Masque of the Red Death, and a host of other pulp and steam punk worlds and systems, mixed with a healthy dose of movies, novels, and histories, and leavened with a dollop of my own ideas.
It and the novel based upon it are unabashedly heroic in nature, so they have more in common with Alan Quatermain, Doc Savage, Professor Challenger, and John Carter: Warlord of Mars than with the incredibly brave but ultimately helpless and doomed heroes of H. P. Lovecraft or the RPG Call of Cthulhu. Therefore, those looking for humanity doomed and sinking into oblivion without a meaningful fight should read this at their peril. For here you will find heroes to shake the foundations where the Great Old Ones stand, who will look them in the face and spit in their eye even as they’re thrown down into hell.
Down Cthulhu is actually five campaigns, each made up of a separate group of heroes operating mostly independantly of one another, but beginning their endeavors at approximately the same time under the auspices of one Archimedes Brown, a leading scholar of the Iluminati.

Immediate Background
Six months ago, there occured a rift between the rest of the Iluminati and Archimedes. He insisted they were headed in the wrong direction. Though sickly and wheelchair bound at times, this highly intelligent leading English scholar was studying Mythos texts right out of Oxford. All in organization heard and felt the reverberations of his disagreement with the rest of the Iluminati scholars. In essence, Archimedes feels that he detects a large upswing in supernatural and cult activity. This he declares, among other subtle signs, shows evidence of something large in the future. The vast majority in the Iluminati, while seeing this upswing, see it as only a natural flux occuring over time. God willing, they are right. If not, God have mercy on us all, for the Great Old Ones shall not.
Through astrology, numerology, and consultation with texts of Nostradomus and others, Archimedes feels he has discovered hidden within these divinations the clues to find the individuals foretold to perhaps stem the tide of chaos and oblivion, at least for now. Some of these were low ranking operatives of the Iluminati already with some experience with the supernatural or the occult, as well as being members of the prestigous Adventurer’s Club.

The vigilant and courageous teams of Archimedes Brown:

The Outlaws : Infamous killer and robber Jake Washington; professional gunman Billy Logan; cowboy, wrangler, and rustler Nick Beverly; professional gambler Luke Hardman; big man ‘Mad Dog’ Kelly and his seductive, thieving sister Anne.
The Explorers : British adventurer, historian, and archaeologist Rick Rathbone and his loyal Gurka Machenda; Jewish Big Game Hunter Fritz Goldstein and his favorite Masai Mundabi.
The Monster Hunters : British soldier, slayer, and Earl of Mansauce Paul Warrington; Kiawa brave Red Cloud; American Secret Agent and Extremist Daredevil James Schuyler; French Knights Templar Simon Geste; Cockney streetwise Jeremy Ramsden; Dutch doctor and scholar of all things occult and supernatural Wilhelm VanDenNoort.
The Aether Travellers : Larger than life Oxford Boy Lord Percy; Oxford Boy and scientist Samuel Covington; Irish street tough Martin O’ Malley; Aether pilot and adventurer Gerald Bowen.
The Investigators : former police detective, now private investigator John Westinghouse; newspaper reporter Will McNamara; medical doctor John Atwater; Porter and deliveryman Jack Burton; Jesuit priest John Johnson; Chinese monk and scholar Theolonius Wang;

A few days after new years day 1890, three of the groups (Explorers, Monster Hunters, Aether Travellers) gathered together in London. Here, Archimedes had his first meeting with some of the leaders of his Chosen Men: Rick Rathbone, Lord Percy and Samuel Covington, and the Earl of Mansauce and Wilhelm VanDenNoort. In this meeting he revealed some of The Mythos Known, ‘known’ details of the Great Old Ones, at least in the form which mortal minds can fathom, and his belief of the coming catastrophe. He was on the outs with the Iluminati, and required proof to get back in and convince them of their folly. The teams must seek out supernatural problems above all else, and send descriptions of all occult encounters as well as any vile tomes directly to a special London P.O. Box. He had already dispatched Theolonius Wang to New York months earlier to meet with John Westinghouse to explain the same, and join him as a supernatural advisor; the cases of whom he briefed Rick Rathbone in detail because of the connections with Egypt. At the same time, Archimedes sent a brother of Wang Theolonius, Wang Wei, to Virginia and then on to Texas to recruit Jake Washington in person late in 1889.
At this point, the prophetic signs seem true, for all the groups have joined his cause, and it is here that the fate of the world begins to take shape.


Note in log Outlaws and arrival of fragments from Davies’ Landing to London

Ark of Vlaktos research is blank on January 31 1890 log

Wang Wei needs to transmit Etienne idea of aether pressure, not stars alignment, that weakens the boundaries for the Old Ones to be brought forth/awakened/etc. Star alignment can predict when but it is coincidental, its not supernatural astrology but aether pressure throughout the universe. Note the info’s sending and at least latest receiving dates.
Grant and Covey will need to start working on Aether Pressure Monitor. Perhaps placing several in the inner solar system and if ever possible, outer solar system. Maybe need to talk to Etienne directly about this in great detail.

Get J. Worthington Baxter to help fund further endeavors, like purchasing Look to the Future hall an Silver Twilight Hall. Perhaps make one a secret cult study center, maybe Strange can head it up.

Use Su Yung Quin Imports: start some exporting, for safety of things we may need to send to London in future from NYC

Set up meeting of minds in NYC of Boston

Tarr make more paste; get instructions to Cassandra and Archie as well.

Down Cthulhu, The Occult Wars

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