The Iluminati

Headquarters: Paris
Represented Characters: Rick Rathbone, Fritz Goldstein, the Wangs, Thadeus Tarr, Archimedes Brown

Requisitioning equipment : Use the linked charts as is.

Place Level
Paris 15
New York 10
Richmond 10
Rome 13
Cairo 14
Vienna 13
London 12
Moscow 12
Constantinople 10
Peking 10
Simla 10
Sirtus Major, Mars 10
Idieus Fons, French cap on Mars 12
Austin 10
San Francisco 11
Berlin 11
Madrid 11
Athens 11
Sydney 11
French Guiana 10

The Iluminati believes fully in the Red Death, whether being or entity. Many of the evils throughout out human history are, in the Iluminati belief, cause by The Red Death.

They do not believe in the dark, vile beings which Archimedes Brown claims to have discovered the existence of! All the cults, all the foci of their worship, the Iluminati believes to be simply aspects of this Red Death. If not, they are just false gods which have no power and no meaning beyond the damage the human cultists themselves are capable of.
Still, the Iluminati battles against evils in all corners of the globe.

Red Death: brought here accidentally; magic before that existed and not so dangerous; an essence here for unknown purposes but must despise humanity.
Takes all goodness out of people and area.
Has monsters it has created or subverted, most famously Dark Pharaoh.
Vampires are called ‘Red Death’s Children’.

The Iluminati

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