The Grey Eyes

All Gray Eyes get +1 to all saving throws and a +2 bonus to any one ability score, as well as each receiving their own set of abilities specialized for them:

Dr. Sir Richard Rathbone

Heroic Determination: When rolling any check to resist a fear effect, an action point is applied to the roll without having to spend one. No fear effect can ever make Rick worse than shaken. He also gains Sanity Resistance 2.

Absolute Hero: Rick rolls d8’s for his AP dice, and his minimum roll is 1 plus the number of action dice he rolls. He can spend an extra action point before rolling to maximize the result for the following skill checks: ancient and modern linguistics; search, knowledge (history and archaeology).

Fritz Goldstein

Heroic Determination: When rolling any check to resist a fear effect, an action point is applied to the roll without having to spend one. If he is ever affected by a fear effect worse than shaken, he can immediately spend 5 action points and reduce the effect to shaken. Whenever he gains sanity by any means, he gains x 1.5.

Deadly Eye: When confirming critical hits with a rifle, he gains advantage on the confirmation roll.
After aiming for 1 full round with a rifle, he gains advantage on the attack roll and he can spend an action point and add the result to his damage roll.

John Westinghouse

Brilliant Mind: Westinghouse gains a +2 to all intelligence based skill checks, and has advantage on all Int ability checks.

Master of Observation: Whenever he spends an action point on Sense Motive, Investigate, Search, Perception, or Knowledge (current events) the roll is always considered Empowered (as in the Metamagic feat).

Jack Burton

Optimistic Sanity: When Jack is attempting a sanity check, he rolls against his charisma, not his wisdom, x 5. His actual sanity score remains based on his wisdom as normal.

It’s All in the Reflexes: Whenever Jack is hit by a ranged attack that he can see coming, he may spend an action point and catch the weapon if it is a weapon he could normally wield in one hand. For another action point, he can throw the weapon back as an immediate action if it is a weapon he could normally make a ranged attack with. If it is a lethal attack vs an ordinary of less than Jack’s level, he’s dead. Otherwise, Fort DC 10 plus half Jack’s level plus his dex mod or die.

Theolonius Wang

Amazing Dodge: Once per round, by spending an action point, Theo can cause a successful ranged attack against him to miss instead, including bullets.

Master of the Forbidden: When Theo rolls to determine the time to read a forbidden tome, the die type is treated as one lower.

Wilhelm Van DerNort

Honed Psyche: Wilhelm gains a +4 to all saves against mind influencing effects. If he should fail, on his round every round thereafter, he may spend an action point and reroll the saving throw. He may continue to do so until he succeeds or the effect ends.

Natural Occultist: Wilhelm gains advantage on all knowledge (arcane lore) checks as well as Forbidden Lore checks to successfully read forbidden tomes to gain lore ranks. Whenever he gains forbidden lore from any source, he gains 1 extra rank to a maximum of 1 per day.

The Earl of Mansauce

Military Mind: Paul adds half his level to all military or tactic based ability and knowledge checks.

Natural Leader: Anytime Paul spends an action point, any 1 character in the party can add his roll to the same check before Paul’s next turn if Paul spends another action point on the allies roll. If needed, the character can still add his own action point.

Simon Geste

Sacred Blood: All melee and ranged attacks by Simon are treated as holy for the purpose of bypassing DR/holy. By spending an action point he can bypass DR/magic for a number of rounds equal to his AP roll + his wisdom modifier. He can do this multiple times in an encounter.

Jake Washington

Born Killer: Jake rolls 1 higher damage die type for all pistols. Jake can perform a kill shot by modifying his effective damage for purposes of bypassing an opponent’s damage threshold and setting the DC. He may spend multiple action points, stacking the results to a maximum of his dexterity modifier, and add them to his total damage on the shot.

Horse Empathy: Jake and horses that he rides are like one. Any horse he rides for 1 day is treated as a warhorse so long as he owns it. After 1 week it knows every trick in the book for mounts, so long as Jake is commanding. After 1 month it is treated as having an intelligence of 7 as long as Jake owns it. The horse acts as a loyal henchman, willing to lay down its life for its rider.

Billy Logan

Lightning Draw: On the first round of combat, Billy always draws and fires 1 shot one initiative count higher than the fastest participant, if he is not already faster. He can only do this in a surprise round if he was not surprised. This shot catches his target flat footed, even if the target has already acted (even in a surprise round). Billy is treated as being 4 levels higher for purposes of defeating Uncanny Dodge when using this shot.

Ambidextrous Gunfighter: When firing 2 pistols at once with a full attack action, Billy can use an action point before he rolls his attacks and negate the 2 weapon fighting attack penalties for a pair of shots (1 shot with each hand). He may spend an action point on every pair of attacks he can make. This does not count as using a action point to modify the attack, so he may still modify an attack with a normal action point.

Roger Livingston, Lord Percy

Larger than Life: The personality the size of one such as Lord Percy is difficult to miss, and he couldn’t help it if he tried. His base reputation is x2. Whenever he spends an action point on an intimidate check, or a diplomacy check against an indifferent or better NPC, he doubles the result. Additionally, the diplomacy bonus/penalty for a successful reputation check is +/-6, and he can intimidate a number of opponents at once = his cha mod. w/in 30’, rather than just one.

Polarizing: Few people are indifferent toward Percy. Any NPC that would normally be indifferent, or the GM can’t decide on, has a 50% chance to be so, but 25% to be unfriendly and 25% to be friendly instead. Roll a d20. On 1 to 5 the NPC is unfriendly, 6 to 15 indifferent, 16 to 20 friendly.

Bravado: Percy us utterly immune to all fear effects, including intimidation. Any allies within 30’ of Percy (or a unit he is leading) and can see or hear him gains a bonus to any fear save(or morale check for a unit Percy is leading) equal to Percy’s Charisma modifier. With a charisma or perform check equal to the fear DC, as a standard action he can rally a number of allies equal to his charisma modifier (or 1 unit he leads) each round if they are within 30’ of him and can hear him, ending any fear effect (or the effect of a failed morale check) affecting them. He may perform this rally as an immediate action by spending 5 action points.

The Grey Eyes

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